New Divine Jazz Site Underway

After years of performing at events from Minnesota to Tennessee singer Joy Divine of Divine Jazz decided that it was time to have an individual website on a custom domain to exhibit upcoming and past events.  The simplicity and gray tone of the WordPress built site bring forth the feeling of the early 1900s style music Divine Jazz perform on stage to inspire their audiences.


Though there are a few cosmetic changes still being decided on for the new site the most energizing moment will happen when music, videos of concerts, and new galleries join to the excitement.  The theme chosen by Joy was built by SmartWPress and is designed for both musicians and artist to publish there marvelous talents with the world over the Internet.  The photographs used on the site are glamorous images by Bethany at LumineEssence Photography and more will be on the way in the future.



Better Late Than Never

This is a sketch of a person I came across while looking for Halloween ideas a few months ago.  Although I have been busy both at work and home I have finally finished the drawing.  It honestly doesn’t matter what day of the year it is anyway, makeup and costumes with or without prosthetic is its own art.



Linux Terminal


Though I enjoyed using various CAD programs to build the rooms in my  digital images it felt as if the work was not entirely mine.  Since my first graduation, with the help of my past professor, I have created a program using C++ and OpenGL to build custom rooms with texture files created using photography and Photoshop.

My application Room Builder starts off with an aerial view to draw the plot of walls and structures. With the touch of a key the view changes to a three dimensional, first person point of view with grid.